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Bonnie Persuaded Me To Focus On The Good, Just For Today: Tomorrow I Can Call Back And We Will Wallow In The Total Awfulness Of Amy’s Behavior, Which Will Surely Lead To Permanent Estrangement And Dead Bodies. Just For Today, I Was Supposed To Try To Remember Three Things: The Baby Is Not Falling Off The Earth, Or Headed To Afghanistan. So Many Things Are Going Well: Everyone Has Good Health. Jax Is Perfect. Even Though I Have Acid And Sewage And Grippage In My Stomach, Which I Have Had Many Times Before And Will Have Many Times Again, I Can Build Faith Muscles By Bearing My Feelings Of Misery And Powerlessness – A Kind Of Nautilus. Rumi Said That Through Love, All Pain Would Turn To Medicine. But He Never Met My Family. Or Me.

–¬†Anne Lamott





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